Beaver Tool Hire DIY tips and tricks: change a tap

We offer some simple solutions to everyday problems you might encounter and rate the solution with a difficulty scale. If you’d like further help or assistance then please feel free to get in contact. Problem: I need to change a tap but can’t turn the water off? Solution: An Electric Pipe Freezing kit will clamp around the water pipe creating a frozen plug which will allow you to work on the pipe work without turning off or draining down a water system. Difficulty Scale: 4/10 Hire a Pipe Freezing Kit: CLICK HERE

Beaver Tool Hire DIY tips and tricks: fitting a tumble dryer vent

Question: I’m fitting a tumble dryer vent and I don’t know how to put the hole through the wall. Solution: Very quick and simple by using a Dry Diamond Core Drill (size range from 28mm-162mm) This creates a very neat hole with no mess or breakout giving you a professional result for very little cost Hire tool: Hand-held Diamond Core Drill Difficulty scale: 4/10