Commercial Landscaping and Forestry Projects Made Easy

Spring is here and now is the time when many begin work on their gardening and landscaping projects. Contractors who are regularly called upon for residential tasks may also encounter large commercial landscaping and forestry projects that require more machinery and a higher investment. Some of these projects might include carrying out maintenance at a hotel or a commercial venue for hosting events.

In this article we will examine some challenges posed by these projects and the equipment that is used to overcome them. This information is necessary to estimate a project’s budget with greater accuracy. Beaver Tool Hire offers gardening and forestry equipment hire for both commercial and residential purposes. Our team is readily available to help you get the most out of our gardening tools, so feel free to get in touch for more information.

Achieving beautiful lawns for outdoor events:

Well-maintained lawns create a beautiful green space, ideal for hosting events. Lawns, however, require regular upkeep to maintain that rich, wholesome appearance. Over time, lawns shed dead grass leaves, old roots die and are replaced by new ones leaving thatch, and the ground becomes compacted due to foot traffic. These conditions are detrimental to a healthy lawn, however improvements can be made:

  • Mowing: Regular mowing will stimulate sideways growth of grass, creating a denser appearance. Clippings can be recycled back into the soil or used as compost, especially if these are from frequently-cut grass, as they contain more nutrients. At Beaver Tool Hire we stock rotary mowers which come with a collection box for clippings.
  • Removing dead grass and thatch: Dead grass and thatch that gather over time can create a serious problem by preventing nutrients and water from penetrating into the soil, giving the lawn an unhealthy appearance. This can be remediated by using a lawn scarifier. A scarifier uses tines to cut into the thatch layer at the base of the grass and rip out dead material. This process can be quite stressful for the grass, so it is advisable to wait a few weeks before carrying out any other aggressive procedures.
  • Decompressing soil: Compacted lawn may require the use of an aerator. The aerators we stock can be fitted with either spikes or cores, and while both are useful, only core aerators will work for decompressing soil. These use cylinders with openings on the sides to remove pieces of soil, or “cores”, from the lawn, ultimately giving the soil more space to expand into.
  • Rotovating soil for new grass: In the case that a lawn must be laid from scratch or completely renewed, it is important to deal with compacted areas of soil. Loosening compacted soil allows roots, water and nutrients to penetrate. Rotovators are perfect for this task and at Beaver Tool Hire we stock 8 horsepower rotovators and 13 horsepower rotovators. We also stock turf cutters for when sections of lawn have to be lifted and moved.

The aesthetic appeal of a well trimmed hedge:

Hedges provide privacy as well as acting as a pleasing backdrop, adding depth to gardens and blocking out roads or other houses from view.  At Beaver Tool Hire we stock both standard and long reach petrol hedge trimmers for keeping hedges and bushes at their best. Our long reach hedge trimmer has an adjustable head angle of 90º for reaching the top of hedges without the use of an access platform. Weighing only 7kg, this trimmer is lightweight and offers an overall length of 2.5 metres.

Tidying and clearing wooded areas:

Woodland areas that offer access to the public must be maintained and kept clean for easy accessibility and safety. These places may be used to host events, in which case careful attention to detail is important. Maintenance tasks may include tree pruning or removal, or thinning of dense vegetation. In this section we’ll examine some popular forestry tasks and the equipment they require:

  • Pruning and cutting trees: Pruning tasks can include cutting low or broken branches. Chainsaws are ideal for this, especially long reach chainsaws. A hydraulic log splitter may be useful in the case that a whole tree is cut down and has to be reduced to small pieces.
  • Removing tree stumps: There are different methods for getting rid of tree stumps, with the most practical being the use of a stump grinder. These machines efficiently reduce tree stumps to beneath ground level.
  • Wood chipping: Wood chippers are great for breaking up branches left over from pruning or ground clearances. This process generates wood chips, a valuable resource often used for decorative purposes or as mulch for retaining humidity on flowerbeds. 

  • Clearing dense vegetation: When working on a forestry project there may be areas of vegetation that have to be cleared altogether. A heavy-duty, self-propelled petrol flail mower is perfect for this job, cutting almost anything in its path.

In addition to the specialised machines above, at Beaver Tool Hire we stock a range of equipment used for cleaning in landscaping projects which, although not specific to wooded areas, should be mentioned here:

Fencing repairs:

There are many types of fence, each with their own unique features and applications:

  • A short picket fence might be placed around a children’s play area or around a dog park.
  • A chain link fence might be used around a tennis court or commercial premises.
  • No-dig metal fences are surprisingly tough and are good for security applications whilst also having a decorative appeal.

Whether you’re tasked with a fence repair or a new fence installation, there are a variety of tools and equipment that will make the job easier. These tasks and their corresponding specialised equipment include:

  • Fence post digging: For this task it is advisable to have a shove holer at hand, as well as an augur. There are many types of augurs available from Beaver Tool Hire. These include petrol augers and hydraulic augers, ideal for boring multiple holes quickly. Manual augurs are surprisingly efficient, however they are not as fast as the mechanical options.
  • Post driving: No-dig fences use posts that require a post driver for installation. This machine sits on top of the post and uses a hammer action to drive it into the ground, resulting in a very strong and durable installation.
  • Chain link fence installation: Chain link fences utilise posts that can be installed using a post driver as described in the previous section. For installing the chain link mesh, a high-tension wire will have to be installed from one end of the fence to the other. This requires a wire-tightening device such as a chain link strainer.

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